Monday, May 9, 2011

Please Welcome My Fuji Track Bike

This afternoon, with Alan's help (owner of Alan's Bicycles), I was able to finish setting up my early 80's fuji track bike.  I'm very excited about this.  Also this afternoon, I registered to take an adult basic class at the Trexlertown Velodrome this August for 4 weeks.  I'll be going there two nights each week to learn and practice riding the track.  I'm hoping of course I can find other times to go ride there as well.  This will be my first time riding a fixed gear, my next step in this fuji cycling life.

Alan's help was integral to making sure this bike was set up properly.  This morning I draped the new (and beautiful) HKK chain around the crank and cog to eye the chainline before installing the chain.  It is a good thing I didn't just put the chain together because it was obvious something wasn't quite right.  I took it to Alan to have him take a look.  He ended up measuring the alignment of the frame, and it was apparent that it was not straight.  I left it with him, and in about an hour he had straightened it out, and got it squared away.  The chainline looked perfect afterward.  He also helped me get a start on working out the proper fit.  He is an expert in all facets of bicycling, and I knew he would see what I wasn't able to see.  Alan doesn't have a website, but you can see a list of some of the spectacular bikes he offers in a previous post I made.  By the way, the fuji titanium on that list has been sold.  His shop's address is:

 285 Schuylkill Road (Rt. 23) Phoenixville, Pa 19460  ph. #: 610-933-4818 
email:     I highly recommend him.  His shop is the kind of place you'll always learn something new no matter how many times you visit.  

Stats of the bike:
ishiwata double butted tubing/made in Japan
nitto njs bars
nitto njs stem 110mm
suntour cyclone track pedals/fujita leather straps/njs toe clips
suntour superbe pro track crank njs167.5mm 
tange bottom bracket ISO 109mm
sunshine professional hubs njs/100mm front/110mm rear flip flop
bontrager inform saddle
sr laprade fluted seat post 26.6mm
origin8 48 tooth chainring 1/8
HKK vertex chain silver 1/8
suntour 16 tooth cog 1/8
tange falcon headset 
suntour lockring njs
ukai 700c presta rims tubular njs


thomas said...

Random cycling fact: Red frames are the fastest.

Anonymous said...

I have a 1987 Fuji Ecco, Black with green, that is available, if you're in the market? It's in excellent condition and was converted to a fixie using Velocity/Formula wheels, Sugino cranks, Nitto bar/stem, and Salsa cog.

Let me know if you're interested. Many thanks!