Monday, January 27, 2014

Bud Light Salutes, Real American Drivers: Here's to You Mr. Head-Shaker of Disdain Driver

Today we salute you Mr. Head-Shaker of Disdain Driver.  
Its obvious you really know your stuff.
(You really know your stuu-uuuff.)
If you see a cyclist trying to "share the road,"
You're NOT going to like it, and everyone else is going to know it.
Nobody on the road is immune to your watchful eye.
Especially if they're not in a car.
(Get a car you idiot!)
But you don't revert to yelling or cussing.
Mr. Head-Shaker of Disdain Driver is too civilized for that.
(You're so civ-il-iiized.)
You just think those words, silently, in your head,
as you shake it back and forth at your victim.
(Thinking and shaking.)