Friday, August 26, 2011

1976 Fuji Sports 10 Single-Speed

UPDATE: I have since built this one back into a 12 speed and gave it to a friend who's children told their parents that they need to get bikes!  I had come across a fuji mixtie frame from the 70's and gave that one along with this sports 10 to them to use.  I think the only single speed I'll use is my fuji track bike, at the velodrome.

Do you remember the 'extra' frame I received when I picked up my 80's Fuji Track Frame up in New York?  After seeing my blog, Zachary (the craigslist seller of the track frame) gave me this orange Sports 10 frame as well.  Thankfully my friend Jeff was there to help carry it home on the train.  

I took it not knowing what I was going to do with it.  I attended a swap meet in Trexlertown last spring (there is another one this October 1st), and bought an 1/8" 18 tooth suntour single-speed freewheel.  I was going to put it on the other side of the sunshine professional track wheel that is on the track bike, but realized there are not brake holes in the frame.  I don't want to mess that up by drilling any, and am keeping that bike for the sole purpose of riding the track (its intended purpose anyway).  After putting together the track bike, I ended up with a couple of extra 1/8" chainrings.  I had been avoiding the learning curve of realigning a rear axle on a multi-speed hub and re-dishing the rim that is necessary when converting from multiple gears to one gear on bikes like this.  So, I decided that it was time to do that with the orange Sports 10.   It actually wasn't that difficult, just a bit time consuming really.  I went ahead and rebuilt the wheels with new spokes to help it look nicer, and thanks again to Alan at Alan's Bicycles in Phoenixville, Pa.  He had the warm and comfy looking brown saddle that completes the bike and fits its style.  Maybe someday I'll rebuild the wheels again to swap out the gold rims from the Fuji Royale II.  

I've set up the gearing with a 47 tooth chainring in the front, and an 18 tooth cog in the rear.  This gives about a 70 inch gear, which is a good mid-range gearing for moderate hills like the ones around here.  I don't think I'll be taking this on really long road rides, but I will be taking it on the Perkiomen Trail for sure.  

I'm happy to add another type of ride to my Fuji stable.  There is the track racer, the road racer (opus III), the tourer (touring series iv), the everyday use workhorse (royale II), and the jovial 3-speed (bedford).  I'm going to have alot of fun on this single-speed.  Maybe I'll get out in the snow with it this winter.


Jimbo said...

How interesting I stumbled upon this. I did a google search on Fuji Sports 10s and got this link. I just got my Sports "1.0" on the road today. What interests me is the fact that you mentioned your got your saddle from Phoenixville, my home town... Here's a pick of my ride <img href="'>

Matteo said...

Hi Jimbo! That is interesting! Nice chain :) Looks like we had similar ideas. Pretty cool.