Friday, April 12, 2013

Ride of Silence 2013

Here in Trappe/Collegeville, Pa, we're riding our 4th Ride of Silence.  You can see video of our ride 2 years ago on a previous post.

This year we are going to stay solely on Main Street between the two boroughs of Trappe and Collegeville.  We'll do about 3 loops up and down Main Street, with turnaround points in the parking lot of Congressman Gerlach's office in Trappe, and the other at the new kiosk in Collegeville at 3rd and Main.

The event is free, and please wear a helmet.  I'm not sure if we'll have any traffic control help or not. We will ride single file, and follow the rules of the road.  We will stop at the stoplights if they are red.  It will be okay if we are not as a complete group all the time.  With the ride occuring only on a mile or two of Main Street, we will be noticed.  PrintCopy in Trappe is making two banners that a couple of us can attach to our bikes to help others recognize what we are doing.  The ride begins at 7pm, but please be there by 6:30 for preparations (poem reading, application of arm bands, etc...).