Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fuji Bikes in the Bikecentennial Ride?

How many of these Fuji (now vintage) bikes rode in the Bikecentennial ride across this great country of ours?  I know of at least one.  

Do you know anyone who rode their bike in this special event?  Did YOU ride your bike in it?  Was it a fuji?  Let me know!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Letter to Car Drivers #1

When I have signaled that I will be turning right at an upcoming road, and the road is pretty close, please DO NOT pass me and then make the turn in front of me; especially when I am pulling my children behind me in the trailer.  

If you do that, and the timing of our speed is off, or you misjudge distance, or unwittingly push me into a ditch or some bad part of the roadway that you did not notice, we could get hurt.  
Also, if you take the turn a bit wider to accomodate me, thinking you are helping to keep me safe, you may find yourself in an accident with another car coming toward you that you didn't notice.

All you have to do is, WAIT A FEW SECONDS for me to make the turn, take the turn in line behind me, then when it is safe to pass, do so.