Saturday, July 25, 2009

Scenic Beauty of Central Virginia (and I'm not talking about me and my bike!)

Here is a fragment of the scenes we ride by on the Boys and Girls Club challenge rides.  There is no lacking of fresh air, beautiful farms, blue sky, the blue-ridge mountains, singing birds, frolicking deer, buzzing bugs, horses, red barns, single-engine airplanes overhead, etc, etc, etc.......  It really is beautiful and peaceful.  

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fuji bicycle enables me to get a haircut.

While my wife was at playgroup with our daughter, I had time to make a quick ride down to Ana's Salon in Belmont to get a much needed haircut.  It was also a good chance to practice mi espanol since it is owned by Ana, who is from a Spanish-speaking country (I forget where).  The woman who cut my hair was from Mexico, close to Mexico City.  I wonder how you say Fuji in Spanish?  (That's a bad joke.)  What you see to your left is my 1984 Fuji Berkely.  I bought the frame off of craigslist for $25.  Unfortunately, there is a small dent in the top tube, but it shouldn't really be a problem.  Ah, I can see in the photo I need to adjust the front of the seat down a bit.  What you see to your right is me with a fresh haircut.  Muy Guapo!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Awesome Fuji 3-speed!

(I recently turned this Bedford into a 5 speed with nice, gold, aluminum Ukai wheels.  Check it out now.)

We took part in a very relaxing country bike ride here in Albemarle County last May.  I rode this beautiful specimen, my 1985 Fuji Bedford 3-speed. Comfy, upright, and still super fast.  I need to get that rear fender fixed and reinstalled.  For more pictures of the ride please visit my flickr page by clicking on its link in the sidebar.

Morning Outing...

This is my 1982 Fuji Del Rey with which I pull the trailer that my daughter rides in very joyously.  She is almost 21 months old, and loves her helmet.  She wore it the other morning for about 3 hours and we didn't even go anywhere.  We beat the rain, and made it home for some sausage and an omelet before taking a rainy day nap.