Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fuji bicycle enables me to get a haircut.

While my wife was at playgroup with our daughter, I had time to make a quick ride down to Ana's Salon in Belmont to get a much needed haircut.  It was also a good chance to practice mi espanol since it is owned by Ana, who is from a Spanish-speaking country (I forget where).  The woman who cut my hair was from Mexico, close to Mexico City.  I wonder how you say Fuji in Spanish?  (That's a bad joke.)  What you see to your left is my 1984 Fuji Berkely.  I bought the frame off of craigslist for $25.  Unfortunately, there is a small dent in the top tube, but it shouldn't really be a problem.  Ah, I can see in the photo I need to adjust the front of the seat down a bit.  What you see to your right is me with a fresh haircut.  Muy Guapo!

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