Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Hidden Fuji

Eugene A. Sloane passed away a few years ago.  His book, The Complete Book of Bicycling published in 1970, is one of  if not the most comprehensive on the subject.  He also wrote the Bicycle Maintenance Manual, published in 1981.  I have read through both of these books numerous times, but I don't always look closely at sections I feel I grasp fully.  However, I was looking closer at his mechanic book this morning, and noticed that a classic fuji is featured in a few of the pictures.  I recognized it because my eye happened to catch the headbadge, only half of which is in view.  It appears in pages 113-116, and it looks like it might be the Finest model.  It is used to demonstrate how to install bar end shifters.  

I suppose he didn't mention Fujis in his first book because they weren't imported into the US until 1971.  I wonder what he thought of the Fuji bicycles.  

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