Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Around and Around in T-Town

Standing on the apron.
Up at the boards.
Sprinting to the finish on the left.

I finally made it to the track here in Trexlertown.  It is called the Valley Preferred Cycling Center, and it is a wonderful place.  I can't wait to start bringing my daughters here.  Tonight was the last class of 8 sessions for the adult basic course that they offer to the community.  There were about 18 or so of us, and we learned about gears, some of the events, and some of the tactics of the sport.  We honed our pace-lining skills, but most importantly we enjoyed being out here going round and round as fast as we can.  The class was not what I expected.  It was basically a training session, which is good, but I thought it was going to be slower paced.  The competitiveness really came out of me during these classes when we were doing the mock races.  

I need better technology so my videos come out clearer, but the one above at least gives you some sense of the track itself.  Toward the end it pans around full circle.  

The Fuji track bike did splendidly.  We got laminated gear charts tonight, and on it says that Fuji is the official bike of the center.  I wonder how that came to be.   

One thing I haven't gotten to do yet is attend some of the major racing that happens here on Friday nights through the summer.  The last one is this Friday, but I won't be able to make it either.  I'll have to wait for next summer.  In the meantime, I will try to get up here as much as I can to ride.  I'm enjoying it as much as I thought I would.


thomas said...

Wow man, that looks like a lot of fun. Are you going to start racing?

Matteo said...

I don't think so. It would take alot more time than I have to do the training required to be competitive. I would like to find a group to ride with up here though fairly consistently, maybe do our own 'races' or something.