Monday, April 11, 2011

FUJI FUJI: A Trip to New York City

early 80's Track Frame
FUJI FUJI:on the train ride home
walking through SoHo to Lombardi's Pizza

I found it!  I've been waiting to come across an 80's Fuji Track frame for a while now, and within one week of being home from Hong Kong, I found one on craigslist in my size (55cm).  The seller, Zachary, was in New York, SoHo neighborhood, so I had to make the trip up to get it.  Thankfully, my friend Jeffrey was able to go with me, and if he hadn't I wouldn't have been able to bring back the surprise extra fuji frame (1976 sports 10 model) that Zachary wanted to give me after seeing this blog.  Also, he was a great navigator on the way up, helped with the metro issues we ran into, and led us to Lombardi's Pizzeria for dinner after we picked up the bikes.  The restaurant graciously stored the frames in the closet while we ate.  A person behind us was telling his wife that this is what they do in New York, take their bikes inside while they leave the wheels locked up somewhere on the street.  Funny.  We drove up to the Trenton Transit Center, and then took the Jersey Train into New York Penn Station.  From there we took the metro down to SoHo.  It was a fun trip to make, and definitely worth it to get this frame.  I will be acquiring the parts for it now, and plan to use it for what it is intended, that is at the velodrome.  This is my next step in cycling, to learn to ride the track and a fixed gear.  Now I have the perfect bike (for me) with which to do that.  On the train home, there was one other passenger in our car.  As he was getting off for his stop, he commented on the bikes, and said he had an older fuji too.  He hadn't ridden in a while though, and I think he was wanting to try and sell it to me.  Just another special fuji experience to add to the list.  Where is Fuji going to take me next?  (Japan itself I hope!)

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