Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fuji Frame Swap Out

When it comes to cycling, proper fit is important.  My 'workhorse' bicycle for the past year has been my 1982 Del Rey.  I didn't really like the yellow color of it at first, but it did grow on me, and I ended up really loving to ride this bike.  However, it is a couple of centimeters too big for me, so I was a bit uncomfortable on it.  The other day, I came across a local craigslist add for a 1980 Fuji Gran Tourer SE.  Asking price was only $40, so I checked it out.  The seller accepted $30 for it (it is pretty rusty looking), and I am now the proud new owner.  This one is more my size, a 21" (or 54cm) frame.  I should be more comfortable on it.  The Del Rey was actually lighter than this one since it was quad-butted.  I will miss that, but the Gran Tourer will certainly suffice, and is still quality.  I have to give alot of credit to Jay, owner of the Fuji Otaku blog, for providing so much info on this particular frame.  He actually owned the exact same one.  That helped me feel confident to go ahead and get it.  Since the bikes are from about the same year, and were meant to serve about the same purpose, it's almost like it will be the same bike but hopefully more comfortable.  All of the parts transferred perfectly with no issues such as brake caliper reach, wrong type of threads, wrong length of spindle, etc...  I also now have alot of extra parts since the Gran Tourer did come complete before I swapped everything out.  One special perk was that it came with the 'Fuji' engraved crank arms that I love.  My Fuji Fleet feels more complete now that I've acquired a better fitting one for my daily errands and riding with the kids.  Now I have to figure out what to do with the larger frame.  


thomas said...

I've got to tell you... a Community Bikes patron has built up that frame. Not to my standards.

Matteo said...

Hmmm, I'm picturing it in some art project. That is what happened to the fuji sagres frame I left in there. I hope this one at least rolls.

Matteo said...

I'm really missing this frame lately! I've realized I think I swapped it for one that actually is a bit too small. The Del Rey actually rode more comfortably than the gran tourer se. I want my Del Rey back!!