Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Right of Way: Cars vs. Bikes

My right of way was taken from me tonight.  I was at the intersection of Monticello Avenue and Rialto.  I was heading north on Rialto, stopped at Monticello waiting to cross and continue in the same direction.  A motorist was on Rialto on the other side supposedly waiting to cross as well.  He did not have any blinkers flashing.  When the break came in traffic for us to go, we both started across, but he threw his left blinker on, and then completed a left turn in front of me.  It felt as if my presence was not even acknowledged, and the fact that I was on a bicycle made me lesser, not worthy of being given the right of way.  
As a motorist, do you think less of someone on the road when they are on a bicycle?  Do you feel that you inherently have more right to the road than a cyclist, and that you trump the cyclist as far as right of way in all situations no matter what?  This is an attitude that does exist, and hopefully will change.

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