Saturday, May 29, 2010

There is Fuji Crazy, and Then There is Fuji Psychotic

Fuji Otaku (see link to his blog over on the right) has been posting some vintage fuji gear on ebay lately before he moves to Japan.  I wonder if he imagined this 80's water bottle going for almost $40 when he put it up for sale.  First, let me say I did not bid on this auction.  Now, being Fuji Crazy myself, I have been desiring one of these old water bottles to add to my collection, and 'complete' my Opus III.  However, after my jersey fiasco, I've realized that the Fuji Infatuation can get out of control at times.  This is a good example of that.  

A couple of months or so ago, there was a beautiful vintage fuji on ebay, and I noticed that it had one of these water bottles in the cage.  I emailed the seller to ask if he would sell it to me separately, and all he could say was "how much are you willing to offer?"  I didn't respond.  I could tell my $8 would not have sufficed.  

Fuji is just a word after all.  Let's not forget that it is the internal things that matter more than the external.  I'll continue using my generic and well-used Performance brand water bottle before I toss more than $8 to one that is over 20 years old just because it says Fuji on it.  

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Anonymous said...

Hi,Nice to see someone else has the fuji problem. I have my hands all over them, all different models, and love them all!