Monday, March 1, 2010

Charlottesville Community Bikes Open House

James chillin' at the shop open house with Major Taylor memoribilia.
Jennifer with the first shop mural, which she created with local kids.
Me with a fledgling cyclist at the shop open house yesterday.

Charlottesville Community Bikes held its first open house yesterday.  We think it was a fair success, seeing about 30-40 people come through in 3 hours.  If you don't know about the shop, please check it out at one of the links, and even better come on by when its open.  Chris made some excellent chili and cornbread.  There were plenty of cookies, fruit, drink.  Will made a very informative tri-fold full of our history, present, and future.  The biggest challenge for Community Bikes at present is going to be to remain open and continue being able to pay rent beyond this August.  


Spencer Ingram said...

Glad to see the open house was a success! My name is Spencer Ingram and I've donated a number of frames and some of my time to CB in the past. I like that CB moved to a pricing plan for parts. ReCycles in Richmond has been successful with a similar model. I hope the shop grows in its new location this year and I am excited to visit when I move back to Charlottesville this month.

Matteo said...


I'm not sure if I've met you or not. I apologize if I have. Thanks for you comment, and encouragement. So far so good. I"ll look forward to seeing you at the shop some time soon.