Saturday, March 5, 2011

Second Hong Kong Ride

Sam, Science, Chris, Me, Felix, Clemence, and John

Yesterday was an amazing cycling day here in Hong Kong.  I only had one session of adjudicating, which ended around noon.  I took my bike with me in the car from the hotel.  The venue that I was judging in was in Fo Tan, and the cycling track was walking distance away.  In the video above is only the very first part of the ride.  Total mileage by the end of the day was about 25 miles.  It ended in the northern part of the New Territories, not far from China.  My first destination was Tai Po to meet Sam and the Hong Kong Vintage Cycling crew.  On my way along the Tolo Harbour, I met an Australian, John, who was out for a leisurely ride.  We ended up talking, stopping for a drink, then having lunch in Tai Po's train station while waiting for Sam and his friends to arrive.  After we all met in the train station, all 7 of us (me, John, Sam, Clemence, Science, Chris, and Felix) continued on our bicycles.  But Sam and crew led us off of the beaten path, on roads, sidewalks, through the lost village, ultimately back on cycle track in Fanling ending in Sheung Shui.  For much of the ride, Sam and I switched bikes.  His is a gorgeous vintage Hercules that rides like a cadillac.  It was truly a special day of cycling and making new friends, kindred spirits.  

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