Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First Ride in Hong Kong

I have been in Hong Kong now since last Saturday night.  I've been hard at work adjudicating for the schools music festival, but I did get out on the bike last Sunday before sessions began on Monday.  I had to buy a helmet and gloves, so I rode from my hotel, the Luk Kwok in Wan Chai, to Bicycle World, a shop nearby.  The ride was about 4.5 minutes each way.  I actually walked the route first to get a sense of the traffic, and to practice thinking 'opposite' than what I'm used to.  They drive on the left side of the road here like in England.  A cyclist is more likely to get doored from the left instead of the right.  You need to stay in the left most lane leading to your destination, and you need to look over your right shoulder more often than your left.  I had to manuever a major intersection that brought together 5 different roads leading at different angles, and had two trolley tracks going in both directions through the center of it.  As you see in the video, I made it through successfully.  I did see other cyclists out, but I didn't see anyone wearing a helmet.  My next planned ride is on the cycle tracks of Sha Tin, and next week I plan on commuting to my sessions in North Point from Wan Chai on Hong Kong Island.  The cycle tracks will be fairly leisurely, but the commuting on Hong Kong Island will be similar to what you see in the video.  (The video in fact was taken on Hong Kong Island.)  It can get a bit hairy out there.


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Lim Soo 林蘇 said...

how you attach the camera to the bike?

Matteo said...

I used the information from the link that you posted on your blog!