Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Comparison Pics for Visibility at Night

Here are some pics with no reflection for comparison.  I had some reflection on the back of the heels of my shoes that I smudged out in the rear facing photos.  The lights are visible.  Some lights out there though aren't as good as even these.  Thankfully these are not the best on the market.  Those might be made by Light and Motion.  I hope to get some of those in a few months (when I can afford it!).  However, imagine coming upon me from a distance much further away.  A driver might wonder what that little red light that isn't moving really is.  You can see how head to toe reflective gear leaves no question of what it is to drivers coming up from behind.  The front light helps opposing drivers see and maybe even recognize that it is someone on a bicycle, but its main purpose really should be to help you see hazards in the road.  Riding a bicycle in the dark should be taken very seriously.  It is in fact a real life and death matter.  

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