Monday, January 3, 2011

Bicycling in Hong Kong

This March I will be traveling to Hong Kong to adjudicate piano at an annual music festival they have been holding since the 1940's.  I did this 6 years ago, and have been invited back for 2011.  I did not have a cycling life back then.  Now I do, and hope to incorporate it however I can into my month long stay.  I have discovered that cycling is alive and well there.  A local advocacy group, the Hong Kong Cycling Alliance, has been working to educate the public.  There is also the sport side supported by the Hong Kong Cycling Association.  I am considering taking my folding bike along, and am trying to figure out if it will make sense to do so.  Otherwise it seems I can rent a bike there for a reasonable rate.  I am looking forward to the different ways Hong Kong is going to enhance my cycling life.  Stay tuned for more regarding this trip later in the spring.