Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Special Gift from Special Friends

I received a surprise in the mail today.  It is good timing too in that it fits right in with my last two posts.  The book is from my cycling friends in Charlottesville, VA who are involved with the Community Bike Shop there.  I'm grateful to them for thinking of me, and sending this to me.  I miss you all!  They are still there working hard at the shop, and in the community to promote cycling and all of its benefits.  I wish I could still be there with them.  Cycling continues to grow and gain respect in Charlottesville, and it is because of them.  Thank you Thomas, Shell, James, Richard, Chris, Alan, Will, Bryan, Cyrus, and Ashby.  I think of you all often.

It is a book with brief commentary and full of great photos that depict cycling in all of its pain and glory.  Here is a definition of Rouleur.


thomas said...

My absolute favorite photo in that book is one of an older man watching a bike race. He is next to the bike he obviously rode there, and is possibly wearing a yellow rain jacket and smoking a pipe if I remember correctly.

Matteo said...

I really enjoy the pics of the mountain roads. It gives me a visual for the specific ones discussed in the Golden Age book.