Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pedals 4 Progress bicycle collection in Trappe, PA

Last Sunday, my local bikeshop, Bikesport, in Trappe, PA, held a Pedals 4 Progress bicycle collection event. I went to help prepare the bikes for transport in the truck and containers. They will all eventually go overseas to other countries where the recipients will use them for transportaion. These bikes will greatly enhance their mobility and daily life. I was wondering if I would see an old fuji come through, and at the last moment I did! It was a Sports 10 model from the late 70's. It is not high end, but it is nonetheless a decent, well-made frame that should be able to perform any task asked of it in its new home.

I had a great time meeting more staff at Bikesport, and also meeting Gary of P4P. They are all great people really helping to make a difference.

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