Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Philly Bike Expo 2010

Yesterday, I rode my Fuji Touring Series IV from Collegeville to downtown Philly via the Perkiomen and Schulykill Trails to attend the first Philadelphia Bike Exposition.  The second and final day is today (Sunday October 31st, 2010).  It was organized by Bilenky Cycleworks and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.  That is Steven Bilenky in the picture above.    Many other small bicycle fabricators were represented at the expo.  Among them were Gallus Cycles, Cedarboro Cycles, Baltimore Bicycle Works, Folk Engineered Bicycles, and Banjo Cycles.  I'm sure I've left out at least a couple.  There is a list of everyone represented on the Expo website.  The big corporate companys were there too like Jamis and Fuji.  By the way, Fuji has a long history that goes back to Japan 1899.  The fujis I ride were made in Japan, but today they are made in Taiwan.  The company that sells fuji now (Advanced Sports) is actually based in Philadelphia.  

Let me mention a few other booths that stand out in my mind.  One is Christ Cycles.  They will have a custom, single speed bicycle made for you at low cost, helping those strapped for cash to get on a bike quickly and affordably.  A Canadian company called Velocolour will custom paint your frame.  His display bikes (one an unknown frame and the other an Olmo) were gorgeous.  Beautiful decal work as well.  I saw an outstanding looking Masi frame that was being sold by Milano Sport, an import company based in Connecticut.  The owner of that company also gave a seminar on the Bicycle Boom of 1968-1974 that I attended.  It was very insightful and informative.  

Advocacy groups in attendance were the League of American Bicyclists, PA Walks and Bikes, and the Bicycle Club of Philadelphia.  A few shops were there, like Trophy Bikes, and a few independent apparel shops were represented like the Sock Guy, Fabric Horse, and alloneword.  Again, a full list can be seen on the Expo website for others.  

I was able to park my bike at the free bike valet of which Neighborhood Bike Works was in charge.  They did an excellent job keeping everyone's bikes safe and secure.  Much thanks to them.  All in all, it was a well attended event.  It helped put bicycling and all of its many diverse facets more in the public eye.  The seminars were informative and professional.  

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