Friday, September 4, 2009

Fuji Touring Series IV, the King of Fujis...

(Check out more info about the Touring Series IV in its feature in the book The Dancing Chain by Frank Berto in another post I made.)

This one is also from the mid-80's.  It is an excellent tourer, quad-butted steel tubing, 3 water-bottle cages, front rear racks for panniersOrtlieb Back-Roller Classic Rear Waterproof Pannier (Google Affiliate Ad), extra-spokes holder on the chainstay.  I set it up with new 'old' components with a 20 in. low gear and 100 in. high gear.  Later in life I hope to take this on many long trips across the USA, maybe Europe if possible too.  I did have 'phat' bar tape on the handlebars with gel pads underneath, but I didn't like the look of it, too big, and I always wear good, padded glovesPearl Izumi Cyclone Gel Glove - Red In Size: XXL (Google Affiliate Ad), so realized it is not necessary.  Also, having it on the bars is like trying to play piano with gloves on, you loose a sense of touch and feel.  I like the sleaker look of the silver cinelli bar tape, and I have a better feel for handling the bike.  That saddle may look like a brooks, but it is a nice, leather Japanese-made Fujita.  

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