Monday, August 23, 2010

Lil' Fuji Retrieved

The story again, is that last March I saw this little vintage fuji bike on ebay for $25.  But it was in Riverside, CT.  At the time we lived in Charlottesville, VA, and it was too much of a drive just for this bike.  Since then, we've moved to Pennsylvania.  We have friends in New Rochelle, NY who have a had a baby recently.  We went to visit last Saturday.  Well, New Rochelle happens to be only about 15 miles or so from Riverside, CT.  I called Mark who was selling this bike back in March, and he happened to still have it.  We simply drove up a few extra miles before heading home, and picked it up.  This Lil' Fuji is for our two daughters, who will get many hours of enjoyment from it.  Just like my Opus III, I consider this a special gift given on this Fuji journey.

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