Saturday, July 24, 2010

Carter's Mountain Road Ride

This morning my friend Travis and I left early for about a 25 mile ride near the famed Monticello here in Charlottesville.  That is where Thomas Jefferson lived.  It also took us by Ashlawn where James Monroe lived.  We left before 8am, and it was already 83 degrees.  Thankfully there was a bit of a breeze, and parts of the ride were shaded by trees.  We've been on rides together before, and once again we got to share the experience of riding in beautiful Albemarle County, Virginia.   This particular one is a well known loop I haven't done yet since I've lived here, and I'm glad I got it in before we move next week.  Apart from riding on Hwy 53, it is low traffic with moderate hills.  Parts of this ride (including the section of Hwy 53 we were on) belong to the US Bike Route 76.  Thanks in large part to my friend Vince at ACCT, there are new signs all over Charlottesville denoting this route much more clearly.  Apart from being chased by two separate dogs, the ride was uneventful, relaxing, and beautiful.  Like people I suppose, some dogs are more sophisticated than others.  I guess one other eventful thing did happen.  Travis heroically relocated a turtle from the roadway to a more protected grassy patch.  Hopefully that little turtle meandered in the right direction so as not to end up back on the road.  We didn't get to know him well enough to give him a name.  I'm sure he already has one anyway, but we wished him the best, and were on our way again.  We made it back to the house just in time for the heat of the day to become unbearable, and Travis cooled off with a nice glass of half milk and half cranberry juice.  I didn't trust that combo, so I didn't try it and can't recommend it.  

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