Friday, July 30, 2010

Boys and Girls Club Cycling Challenge Training Ride

If you've seen previous posts you know I got to help coach the local Boys and Girls Club Cycling Challenge riders last year.  Unfortunately this year I was not able to do it again since we are moving (in 3 days to be exact), and I wouldn't have been able to follow through with it to the main ride this September.  Also, we had another baby 3 months ago.  However, I was at least able to make it on one last ride with the group this morning before we go.  I met a couple of new challengers, and rode with one of the returning challengers as well.  I will miss them alot.  I will miss the riding too, which is in some of the most beautiful areas of Albemarle County.  If you're interested in learning more about the challenge ride, please click the link.  You can help monetarily, but don't forget that you can also go out and ride with them.  If you can, I suggest you do that, and try to get to know the kids.  They are alot of fun.

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