Sunday, December 20, 2009

Traffic 101 Class...

I taught my first Traffic 101 class last week, Dec. 10th and 12th, as a League Certified Instructor.   The group picture above in the middle shows most of the participants, left/right and front/back, Pamela, Shell, Susan, Vince, Chris, and James.  This was at Bodo's Bagels after lunch and before the ride.  Two other  participants not pictured are Carol and Jim.  Thankfully we had good weather though it was a bit chilly.  The on-road portion of the class took us on the Rivanna Trail from Riverside Park to the High St./250 bypass intersection.  We jaunted down Park St. between North St. and Melbourne, where we turned left.  It wasn't so bad in that spot, and traffic was kept at bay by a red light behind us so we could make our way to the left turn lane pretty comfortably.  A few of the participants took this class specifically to earn the pre-requisite the League requires to become certified instructors themselves.  We had a nice mix of experience that lead to fruitful conversations and a successful ride.  Thank you to all of the participants, and I look forward to the next one.

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