Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cycling on the 250 Bypass

The Smart Cycling materials that the League of  American Bicyclists publishes states that "After completing this course, you'll be able to ride on any road that you choose, in a variety of conditions."  According to my experience that I've gained at this point, I chose to go a different route this afternoon on my way home from teaching a bicycle mechanics class at Ivy Creek School.  I continued straight on Hydraulic, crossed 29, continued to the 250 bypass where I turned left, and rode on the bypass.  The right lane actually has enough room for sharing with vehicles, and cars passed me comfortably as I rode down to McIntire.  The intersection you see in the photo is that of 250 and McIntire.  Imagine me coming toward you, positioned to the right of the facing semi truck.  It is here that I turned right, where a bike lane begins toward downtown Charlottesville.  Traffic actually doesn't travel much faster than it does on Georgetown Road, part of my normal route, and there is more room from the shoulder on the bypass.  I was harassed today on Georgetown Road by a passenger in a taxi-van by the way.  He yelled something out the window, but all I heard was something "cyclist."  I could tell it wasn't nice by his tone.  On the bypass, drivers seemed more aware of me, and seemed to conscientiously pass by the 2ft law of Virginia.  

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