Friday, November 27, 2009

Solo Thanksgiving Ride

  Enjoyed a perfectly peaceful bicycle ride yesterday.  Thanksgiving day may be one of the lowest traffic days of the year, and an excellent time to be on a bicycle on the road.  It was a 30 mile jaunt from Belmont in Charlottesville north to Ruckersville.  By the way, if you are local and aren't already aware of this, the bridge at Advance Mills Road and Fray's Mill Road is not crossable at the moment.  Albemarle County really is one of the most beautiful places in the country.  Though the weather was in the mid 50's, I could see that winter is not far away since many of the trees have already lost all of their
 leaves.  I viewed some gorgeous river scenes, watched a sparrow fly right alongside me for a few seconds, heard the birds chirping, saw a hot-air balloon, watched dear watch me back, saw shetland ponies, horses, cows, the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I also saw one of the very rare and elusive white tigers of Albemarle County!  
Here was my route:  Elliott Avenue/Avon (right)/Monticello Ave (left)/6th (right)/Garrett (left)/2nd (right)/Water (left)/2nd (right)/Market (left)becomes Preston,Barracks,Garth/Free Union road (right)/Woodlands (right)/Rea's Ford (left)/Earlysville road (left)/Advance Mills (right)/Fray's Mountain (left)/Buffalo River (right)/Durettes Ridge (right)/Advance Mills (left)/Cedar Grove (right).


Aaron Nichols said...

Is that an Opus III you're posing with up top? I just bought one from ebay - in the process of cleaning it and putting it back together. What is the make/model of your saddle? It looks like it "belongs" on the bike.

Matteo said...

Yes, it is an opus iii. I bought the saddle on ebay long before I got the bike. It actually is a newer model saddle. It is a fuji saddle, and is modeled after the fizik arione I think. It's very comfortable. I bought my opus on ebay as well, 2 years ago. It was $60, though shipping was $179. Still very much worth it. I consider the bike a gift. It is the perfect size for me, and is truly a joy to ride. There's something special about these opus iiis.

Aaron Nichols said...

$60 for an Opus iii is a steal!! I paid $265 (no shipping because I picked it up locally). Read on some of the bike forums that under $300 for one of these babies is a good deal.

Your bike liiks to be in great condition. The decals on my bike are in rough shape but otherwise the bike is in ecxellent condition for riding and racing. Like you I suddenly got a case of Fuji fever.