Saturday, October 13, 2012

How Far for Fuji?

70 miles.  That is how far I drove today to pick up my latest Fuji acquisition.  I found it on craigslist the other day, for $30.  That is how much the seller paid for it, but he has too many other bike projects going that he is  letting this one go.  He bought it from a woman, the original owner, who bought it about 30 years ago, rode it a few times, then put it away in the garage or basement.  As you can see, it is the Cambridge III model.  A very worthy 3 speed that is good for getting around town, doing grocery shopping, pretty much anything you want to do.  Although, our town is kind of hilly, so the 3 speed may be an issue and have to be changed at some point to acquire lower gears.

Why did I drive so far just for an old fuji bike, especially with my two young children in tow?  I don't know.  That is part of the reason I named this blog Fuji CRAZY.  Something compelled me to go ahead and get this, to take the drive even though it was far away.  I could have gotten a flat tire, gotten into an accident in an unfamiliar town, with two young kids.  Who would I have called for help?  What would we have done?  But I didn't care.  I HAD to go get this crazy fuji.  It's just a bike, right!?  Why do I need it!?  What's going to happen to it now that I have it?  Am I going to give it away to a friend, like I've done with many fujis before?  Will I actually keep it for years like I think I might, for my daughters to ride when they are tall enough?  Will my wife actually ever ride it sometimes, instead of her Schwinn (which she loves because of its burnt orange color) and condone even more this crazy fujiness, Fuji craziness of mine?

Only time will tell, and now that this fuji is safe and sound in my possession (and we are safe and sound back home) I don't regret the trip at all.  I think it will prove to be well worth the effort.


Anonymous said...

The Cambridge Tres looks beautiful! Very nice find, and looks to be in very good condition! The trip never happened! :-)


Unknown said...

I just did not realize, and still don't quite grasp the extent of this obsess--- er- "craziness"!

Matteo said...

Well, I don't always realize nor quite grasp it either!