Friday, April 13, 2012

What Would it be Like for Bicyclists... in 'Opposite World?'

  • People would be surprised if you drove your car to work.
  • The average speed of vehicles on the road would be 10-12mph.
  • The League of American Car Drivers would lobby every year for more car lanes and car specific infrastructure.
  • The annual death toll of cyclists would probably be zero.
  • There would always be a secure place to park your bike.
  • Talk about gear ratios would just be simple chit chat.
  • Not only could we ride two abreast, but we could ride three or even four abreast.
  • Everyone would have a true sense of how far one mile really is.
  • Instead of smelling gas fumes on our morning commute, we would be smelling fresh air, the flowers, bread baking, each others cologne or perfume....
  • We would never be run off the road or relegated to riding in the gutter.
  • People would wonder if it was legal to drive a car in the road.
  • Some would drive their cars on the sidewalk for fear of being in the road with bikes.
  • Instead of hearing blaring horns and cussing, we would just hear the delightful dings of bicycle bells and gracious 'hellos' as we pass each other.
Do you have any thoughts about what it might be like for bicyclists in 'Opposite World?'

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thomas said...

Everyone's mood and health would be better because of the exercise and sunlight in our schedules.

We'd have "bike-thrus" for meals on the way home.

Say goodbye to speeding tickets, hour-long traffic jams, and $600 for a set of tires.