Friday, June 10, 2011

A Note To Considerate Drivers

We all know there are inconsiderate, and down right mean, car drivers out there.  However, some are quite considerate as well.  Sometimes though, their consideration doesn't always put or keep us cyclists in the safest situation.  For instance, the other day as I was about to make the left turn into my subdivision, a car coming the opposite direction stopped  and waved me across.  I didn't blindly accept their invitation though, and good thing too.  The driver behind them was beginning to veer to the right so that they could pass!  If I had not been aware of that possibility and watching out for that person, a disaster could have potentially occurred that would have left my kids fatherless and my wife husbandless.  

I'm commenting on this because I wonder if the considerate driver may have ultimately been confused and even offended at my hesitance to just go when they were waving me on.  I want/wish that they realize why I behaved the way that I did.  As a cyclist, we are one of the most vulnerable users of the road, and we can not be vigilant enough with our thoughts and actions when it comes to our own safety.  Even those who think they may be helping us to be safer can inadvertently put us in a compromising position.  

Be aware out there, be safe, and good luck!