Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I've recently learned about a new(ish) movie (Klunkerz) documenting the origination of mountain bikes, thanks to Topher at my local bike shop, Bikesport, who let me borrow it.  In a couple of weeks, Bikesport is hosting one of the people who started the whole mountain bike enigma, Gary Fisher.  My wife, as a winner of a recent drawing the shop held, gets to be a VIP at the event.  Pretty cool.  We'll get to meet Gary Fisher, and just have a good time hanging out.  We're looking forward to that.  One of the many facts I learned from watching the movie is that the first downhill mountain bike race, one they named Repack, happened in the same month and year that I was born (October 1976).  They called it Repack because the only brakes they had at the time were coaster brake hubs in the back, no front brake.  The suckers would burn up so much that they were constantly repacking them with new grease.  I have yet to get into mountain biking, but after watching this movie I feel like I've been missing out.  And if I do get into it, there would be no better bike for me to use than the 1980's Mt. Fuji.  If you ever see one, let me know!


thomas said...

I'll keep my eye out fora Mt. Fuji...

MTB takes a different breed. It can be hard (on a 26" rigid).

Anonymous said...

You can get discs off of my site.... Tell Gary I said hello.
Ride on,

Matteo said...


Excellent movie! You really captured the spirit of it all. I'm surprised you've found your way to my blog! I've edited it so that there is a link to your website. That was an oversight on my part.