Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Youngest and Safest Cycling Instructor

So yesterday, my almost 3 year old daughter and I went on a little jaunt to a park nearby.  I prepared the bike, trailer, got my gloves, her helmet, and off we went.  Not long after we made our first turn, I heard her saying something from the back.  "Dad, you need your helmet!  You need to go back home to get it!"  

Now, we weren't going far, only a couple of minutes to the park.  I almost tried to talk her out of it, not making it a very big deal, saying we're not going to be riding that long etc....  Then I realized the example that would set.  She was right, and I needed to confirm that for her.  So I turned around, went back to the garage and got my helmet.  She was very happy about that.  We didn't lose anything by going back.  But I think we gained alot. 

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