Saturday, April 24, 2010

80's Dahon folding bike

You can read about my trips since getting this Dahon here and here.

I bought this older Dahon a while ago from someone here in Charlottesville who fixes bikes up from time to time and sells them.  Check out  I recently bought flight tickets to Milwaukee for this September.  I am going to attend a friend's wedding in Belgium, Wisconsin.  Belgium is about 45 miles away from Milwaukee, and most of the flat ride will be on paved trail.  The two trails are the Oak Leaf and Ozaukee Interurban Trails.  I found the case just the other day at the Salvation Army down the street from my house for $15.  It was my first try looking for a used, hard shell, travel suit-case.  It is like it was waiting for me.  As you can see the bike fits perfectly.  It is an older Delsey Delsey Helium Colours 30-In. Hardside Spinner Upright (Google Affiliate Ad)model, which I learned is a reputable French company that has been making quality luggage for almost 100 years.  I'm going to try to convert it to a trailer so that I can pull it behind the bike once I get to the airport.  I don't know what I would do with it otherwise.  The suitcase is regulation size so as not to be oversized, and the weight with the bike inside is 43 lbs.  That is under the 50 lb limit of the airlines too!  Hopefully I'll be posting about a successful trip with this bike in a few months, and I won't have had to spend $1,000+ on a newer folding bike.  I realize Dahon is not Fuji, but I haven't come across any quality fuji folding bikes for sale.  


Anonymous said...

Dahon have some of the best models!
I bought 2 Dahon folding bikes and I really love it!

chris gist said...

Of course, you have to be able to fit the trailer wheels in there too. I hadn't thought about that before. It looks like you can get some

You may have to take it apart. That is the only way I get my 20" folder in the suitcase.

Beautiful red. My suitcase has normal luggage wheels and a pull handle built in which is nice. Of course, you can get a dolly for it which will help traversing airports, etc.

Matteo said...

Actually, this one has a pull handle built in. There are 4 wheels, the front 2 of which are multidirectional, so it is very comfortable to pull with the handle.

If I accomplish converting it to a trailer, I'll probably just pack the wheels in my carry on. Or maybe I'll get my ears pierced, and wear them as earrings!

Dave Schlabowske said...

It is pretty simple to conver suitcases to trailers. See my photos here (look at the pix of the gold case), and beware if you fly Delta.!/photo.php?pid=31076816&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=112890122055964&id=1047400081

Ryan said...

My similar Hon came with a tail rack. It might not work, but the rack is so low you could put the luggage on it and stabilize it with an attachment to the back of the saddle.

Matteo said...

Ryan, that sounds like a good idea. Mine doesn't have the rack though unfortunately. I've been looking for one. Once I find one I will try that.