Thursday, June 8, 2017

"Jane" or "Sayonara" to my 1982 Fuji Track Bicycle

I just listed my beautiful '82 track bicycle on ebay.  I also have it on Philly Craigslist.  I am selling it because I am purchasing a grand piano, which will be more useful to me.  I teach and play piano, and after years of looking for an affordable grand I found one a few weeks ago (on mother's day to be exact).

Though I rode this bicycle at the velodrome in Trexlertown, Pa in an adult class, and had a wonderful time doing so, I am not a racer.  I live too far away to go regularly, and if I do, I can simply ride my Fuji Royale II.  It is a wonderful bicycle in its own right.  In fact, if I have to keep only one of my Fuji's, I have decided that the Royale II is it.  It is light, comfortable, fast.  It would do well on a long tour, around town, and everything in between.

I am hopeful the track bicycle will sell soon.  I know I'm going to take a hit on value.  In my mind, it is worth over $1000.  I know I won't be able to fetch that though, so of course I have relented on price.  At this time it is just more important to me to acquire the piano.  I really want to have a grand style action for my own practicing, and it will be nice to have two pianos to do ensemble work with my students.

I have good memories with this bike, but I know it is time to let go of it.  It doesn't belong cooped up in my basement any longer!  It needs to get out and fly.  I am releasing it to a new life; a renewed life.